Restoring classic cars is a fun way to show off automotive gadgets. Taking a classic body and fitting it with new technology can make it a pleasure to drive and show off at car shows. Even if the car is driven only periodically and for special events, it will need insurance. Taking a car to a car show can have its dangers too. Be sure to have it covered with motor trader insurance.

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LED signs

So many times a driver comes up from behind and just sits on your tail. They don't want to pass. They don't want you to speed up. They just think the proper place to drive is as close as they can get to your back bumper. Tell them to back off with the Drivemotion LED car sign. Just attach it to your back window and display up to sixteen thoughts with the push of a button on the remote control. Sorry, no cuss words!

Car Wraps and Decals

Car wraps are popular advertising ploys. Now there are little decals to let the world know how many family members you have and whether you like cats or dogs. Be unique and plaster your car with Zombie Family Car Decals. Your classic car turned into a Zombie tracker will be sure to attract attention at the car shows. Tell the audience the stickers represent your kills.

Fuel Efficiency

Maybe you're too mature to think about outfitting a classic car into a Zombie tracker. Maybe you want to share technology that saves the earth. The Kiwi is an automotive gadget that lets the driver see how fuel efficient their driving is. It monitors things like acceleration and braking in real-time. The data is displayed as a series of green and red bars. The goal is to stay in the green. The Kiwi also has a built in tutorial to help the driver learn more efficient driving skills.

Fuel Conversion Kits

Try turning a classic car to run on an alternative fuel source to really get people to stop by your car at car shows. There are a number of fuels to choose from. Recycled frying oil is the most common DIY conversion. It does smell like old oil when the engine is running. This can be rather unpleasant for some people. Natural gas is another option. In order to convert an engine to use natural gas the work has to be done by a certified technician or there may be hefty fines by the government under Clean Air laws. Once the conversion is done though, think how nifty (and cheap) it would be to fuel up from home.

Classic car shows are the ideal place to display your favorite automotive gadgets. Be unique and express your ingenuity. Get more people talking about your car and maybe even win something. With motor trader insurance, you know you'll be covered just in case something goes wrong.