Art lies in the eyes of the beholder and artists can transfer their dreams, images and inspirations into almost any medium. As a result, it's not unusual to find beautiful sculptures, paintings, pots, digital images and beautiful pieces that represent one person's unique inspiration and muse. So is it any wonder that motorcycles and motorcycle sculptures form a huge art section by themselves? It shouldn't surprise you as artists, sculptors and even motorcycle designers dabble in the world of motorcycle sculpture. Some design realtime models that are unique but driveable while others create beautiful to-scale sculptures from precious metals and sell for thousands of dollars online. Most of these pieces are protected with motor trader insurance and this does increase their value. For interested novices, the world of motorcycle sculpture is still in its fledgling stages but here is what you should know.

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The world of motorcycle sculpture

Motorcycle designers usually try to make their designs as energy efficient and aerodynamic as possible. However, in the last two decades, designers have increasingly turned towards producing high quality but unique motorcycle models for individual owners or for motorcycle companies. It is now entirely normal to see beautifully distinctive colors, designs and materials used to create one-of-a-kind motorcycles. As a result, metal artists do get inspired to create sculptures that are beautifully unique and priceless. Top designers and metal sculpture artists in the field include the following --

⢠Bruce Gray -- Gray is probably the most popular artist in this genre at present. The sculptor was a devoted motorcycle fan and this interest quickly led to him developing an interest in the field of motorcycle sculptures. His first piece released in 2002 involved an 800-pound motorcycle model made from a range of train parts. The first piece retailed at about $25,000 but there was a tremendous demand for more pieces and he quickly became the premier artist in the field. Now, most of his pieces retail for more than $40,000 and they are sold out as soon as they listed.
⢠Jeff Decker -- It's hard to mention motorcycles without stating the name Decker. This sculptor created unique beautiful pieces that combined man and machine together. The artist is particularly renowned for his trophies, sculptures and mementoes commissioned for special occasions and as trophies and gifts. This interest in motorcycling grew from his family. Decker grew up in Southern California with a family that was interested in motorcycle sports. This interest led to his developing a healthy interest in motorcycle racing and eventually to motorcycle sculpture.

There are many artists specializing in this art field but most of them are relatively unknown. If you are interested in the field of motorcycle sculpture, we recommend you go online and check publications and other related fields to find more information. Exhibitions are also held regularly by top artists in the field to display their art and you can easily find additional information. You should know though that most pieces are expensive as they are fabricated from stainless steel or copper. Sculptures made from alternative media like paper, cotton and papier-mâché are popular as well but they are expensive and difficult to care for.