Electric Cars

Vehicles which are powered by solar energy are known as solar power cars. These cars have a lot of similarities to regular cars. Solar powered vehicles use solar panels to get energy from the sun which is then converted to electric energy for the car to run. If there is no or very little sunlight, the photovoltaic cells on the solar panel will not get energy thus the car will only go to a limited distance. It is recommended to take trade motor insurance when you purchase your solar powered vehicle.

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No emissions

Due to the fact that solar powered vehicles do not have an electric motor, they do not burn fuels thus there are no emissions produced. This main aspect of such cars is of interest to most motorists who would like to use personal transportation without polluting the environment.

Preservation of natural resources

Despite the fact that the panels and other parts of the car use a lot of energy and resources to manufacture, the car does not need any additional energy input. Since solar powered vehicles do not use fuel and there is no need for oil change, their dependence on petroleum based products is quite limited to the lubrication of plastics or wheels that are used in replacement parts. The electric motor and other parts of solar cars are maintenance free.

No fuel cost

There are a lot of economic incentives to develop, produce and run solar cars. Due to their lack of dependence on the external fuel sources, they are free from fuel cost that is associated with diesel and gas. Sunlight that is converted into electricity by solar panels is available free to everyone throughout the day.

Comfort while driving

Electric motors which are meant to power solar cars are smaller than those of gas engine. They also operate without the noise and vibrations that are associated with conventional cars. These cars can also be designed to be lighter which allows for faster stopping and turning.

It cannot be ignored that fossil fuels will eventually run out thus the need to start investing in solar powered vehicles. Just like many other solar power technology, this is really not an experimental science. This is technology which currently exists and it has the potential to be used immediately. The main challenge is for the society to now start making the decision to implement this technology on a wide scale so that it will be less costly to implement and help a lot of people. Solar powered cars are now our future.